About us

Real Soap

Each of our bars are made by hand in small batches.  We use a traditional method that dates back thousands of years.

By blending high quality plant based oils and butters with locally grown herbs and beautiful skin loving essential oils, we can create vegan, toxin free soaps that are gentle on the skin.

In support of the environment, we choose to be a palm oil free workshop.

We do like to support local beekeepers in their fight to keep bees alive and well in our community, so some of our other products do contain beeswax.


about us

We started off as a two person kitchen experiment, looking for a way to make soap that did not contain any animal byproducts. Along the way we started to learn the difference between actual soap and what we were mostly using on our bodies.

What we learned was alarming.  For the past three years we have been making all natural and mostly natural bath products for our friends and our neighbours alike.

We are now located close to the beautiful Lac Beauchamp and have a fully functioning soap workshop. Our company is still only 2 people strong, but along with the help of our friends we make the most out of each day!

Our commitment to our customers is to provide a product that they will love to use and that is ultimately safe to enjoy on the body.  Although we do occasionally use fragrance oils along with our regular essential oil favorites, we will never lie to you about what is in your soap.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Shannon & Phil